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              Dinah Capshaw

​    Interior Designer + Creative Director



I believe that our environment has a huge impact on how we feel and go about our daily routines.  I trust that excellent interior design can increase and improve the value of our lives on numerous levels. Health, safety, function, and mood, which are all in general, connected.


Dinah Capshaw Interior Design is a full service interior design company specializing in high-end,

detail oriented residential and hospitality spaces. My designs do not adhere to

any one particular style, as every project and space is unique. I believe in personalizing the creative process and adapting to its architectural environment. Creating and incorporating a timeless aesthetic is something I highly value. Having a thirst for new challenges and a desire to push boundaries, refusal to accept the status quo is what drives a powerful sense of style. Continually allured with the ever-changing market of products and technology, I am particularly adept in combining timeless pieces with cutting edge materials in original and innovative ways. I layer classic elements with modern pieces to create timeless, personalized, bespoke interiors. 

I create every detail from floor to ceiling, all the way to the finish outs such. I source many of my furnishings and fixtures from galleries across the globe. Sometimes there is nothing like that one of a kind chandelier you saw at Alfie’s Antique Mall in London.

It has been a pleasure being able to utilize my resources to produce tastefully personalized spaces all across the style map!

As a passionate designer and entrepreneur I have acquired a list of prestigious clients who have an

unwavering taste for luxury as well as casual environments, and an uncompromising attitude toward high quality design. My primary objective is that my clients are left beyond satisfied with a highly desirable and functional end result that truly speaks to them.

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